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From Product  / Service Marketing to Employer Branding to Corporate Image, amplify your brand with deep impact video content


Did you know that audiences lap up video content more readily and easily than text or just audio!

Increasing data speeds and the inevitable roll-out of 5G networks are set to make video-based content the preferred choice of consuming content by audiences.

Videos are far more effective at ensuring high brand recall because they make for an instant and impactful emotional connect with the viewer

The digital space in general and social media in particular thrive and grow on emotions. A video is likely to drive faster call to action as compared with text or just audio content. Your prospect or client is more likely to reach out to you after seeing a video that you share as compared with a text communique

People the world over are looking at putting the pandemic behind them and moving on as they adapt to a new normal all around. Videos with work related content within the company and with all external stakeholders sharing announcements, stories, ideas, achievements and recognition all add up to getting back into the groove



VIDEOcomms gives our clients the all-important video-edge for Product / Service Marketing and Employer Branding. Video communications is becoming the the dominant and preferred way to connect and engage with target audiences - clients, prospects, vendors, financiers, community, media, employees and all other stakeholders.

Briefly, VIDEOcomms is about creating and presenting content for deep impact and high recall with your target audiences (TA). It's about making an instant emotional connect with your TA.  We create totally new video content, be it branding, presentations, brochures, mailers, introductions, profiles, newsletters, events, teasers, launches, news releases, announcements or any other communication tool.



At Mind Matters, we bring our unique strengths of 2 decades of PR and Digital PR experience along with our domain knowledge, passion, and creativity in making engaging videos to meet your corporate and brand requirements. VIDEOcomms includes PR strategy, planning, video production and review - all at a minimal PR / Digital PR spend!

Whether you’ve already shot videos or you’re planning to, be it for any activity, any outreach within and outside the company, we’ll make sure to ramp up the impact with VIDEOComms

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