E - Evaluate | X - eXtensify | C - Consult | E - Enhance | L – Listen

E | X | C | E | L

| E | X | C | E | L | is a multi-dimensional intelligent PR and Digital PR solution with tangible measurables that forms the core of your PR strategy


Evaluate - Auditing media presence

Each media vertical and publication / channel has unique strengths to help a company achieve its PR and Digital PR objectives aligned with Product / Servicing Marketing and /  or Employer Branding and / or Corporate Image and Reputation. It is important to recognize and ensure use of the right media strategically and discreetly to achieve your PR goals. We audit your media history to assess and understand whether you have chosen the most effective messaging – media mix. Future content and media strategy is planned thereafter.

eXtensify – Efforts and approach in a planned manner

Aligning your media strategy with your marketing and organization goals, values and objectives is critical for any business. We at Mind Matters help you realize the full potential and efficiency of media by eXtensifying your efforts in the right direction and in a well planned and systematic manner.


Our approach is based on customizing our solutions as per your requirements. We understand that each company, product and service is different and has it’s own Unique Selling Points (USPs). Our team works to best convey these USPs with customized content for each media / media vertical.

Examine - Monitor, Assess and Report

Assess the impact of your PR, Digital PR campaign by mapping it against your PR objectives
Draw inferences for better and effective strategy, planning and implementation

  • Assess the impact of your PR, Digital PR campaign by mapping it against your PR objectives
  • Draw inferences for better and effective strategy, planning and implementation

Listen - or Media Intelligence - Actively tracking and monitoring media reports

Whether you are having a discreet presence or looking at increasing your media visibility, we understand that you’d like to take a close look at what, where, when and how often your market and /or competitors are saying in the media. We trawl the internet to track and monitor news, announcements and key messages, tone and frequency of communication of your industry, clients and competitors. A pre-engagement phase gives you the time and information you’re looking for before you decide to start an active outreach to your target audience. Our team works closely with you at this stage by sharing media intelligence.

Listening helps:

  • Gain insight into news stories about your company / industry
  • Competitor insights
  • Identify trending topics / messages
  • Identify key journalists and editors
  • Generate leads by solving problems
  • Develop / modify PR and content strategy as per trend and requirement

Mind Matters’ E | X | C | E | L approach blends a rare combination of scientific research and analysis, smart strategy and creative agility to maximise the value of your PR and Digital PR spend.

Our approach and work methodology

  • In addition to our EXCEL approach our work methodology is professional and process driven.
    We work closely with your team to provide you effective content solutions meeting diverse requirements simultaneously.
  • Depending on the scope of engagement an account executive / manager / team is assigned to you. We offer you the convenience of a single point of contact at Mind Matters.
  • We are process-driven. Our client relationship management systems ensure that you get regular updates. We have periodic team meetings backed up with relevant documentation archived for easy and quick reference on the go.
  • We offer the convenience of being connected in-person or remotely through e-mails, mobile, Whatsapp or online video meetings.
  • Our leadership team and senior management are at quick call to ensure that we move with speed to adapt to your specific requirements, even at short notice.
  • Our leadership team connects with you at pre-scheduled intervals to seek your feedback on our team.
Why Choose Us?

Bringing Innovative Engagement to maximize Call to Action

  • Our team is committed to bringing innovative engagement to your PR by unleashing the true potential of new media through VIDEOcomms.
  • The most accurate measure of your target audience engagement is when they’ve responded in sync with your intended call to action. It’s an endorsement that your target audience is as enthusiastic a participant in your communications as you are in reaching out to them.
  • Our decades of PR experience have given us an insight into strategizing, developing and implementing PR, Digital PR, New Media and content as per the media / TA audience requirement.
  • Our strategy and tactics are in sync with your objectives and goals.
  • Our content is well researched and original.
  • Our team includes senior editors, former journalists, domain experts, domain qualified individuals and experienced professionals.
  • We offer customized solutions to ensure that you get a high return of investment.

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