Media Training

How to become a media savvy company?

Know and learn the nuances of making your story the media’s story!

We offer a range of programs from pre-interaction briefings for our retainer relationships to half-day, full day and customized programs. Key members of our own leadership team have their media foundations in journalism having worked under iconic editors and media luminaries of their times. Our programs take participants through the process of creation of news, an understanding of how the media and newsrooms work, sharing intricacies and guidelines on understanding the difference in various types of media and media interactions, the secrets of becoming good spokespersons and the dividends of cultivating media relations. Mind Matters Media Training programs integrate all contemporary tools of training and offering participants a rare opportunity of LIVE interaction and orientation with senior and reputed journalists from the field. Vinit Mahey, our CEO personally curates all customized media training programs. A seasoned media professional with over 25 years’ experience, Vinit started his career with the Indian Express, an Indian newspaper widely associated with the term ‘Journalism of Courage’. He has designed, compiled and conducted customized media training programs for leadership teams, expat CEOs and corporate communications teams of leading MNCs across industry segments.

Who should attend Mind Matters’ Media Training programs?
  • CEOs and Senior Management
  • Expatriate CEOs and spokespersons
  • Aspiring Business Leaders actively involved with industry associations
  • Company Spokespersons
  • Corporate Communication Directors and teams
  • Crisis Management Teams
  • Public speakers and communicators
How does Mind Matters Media Training make you and your company media savvy?
  • Gets you media ready - confident and comfortable in front of the camera / newspersons
  • Equips you to devise the most appropriate media strategy for your company
  • Prepares you for a potential crisis situation
  • Prepares you to drive the media interaction, each time and every time
  • Equips you with knowledge about media – how it works and what it expects
  • Shows you how to build meaningful and long lasting relationship with senior media persons
  • Prepares you to anticipate questions from reporters and journalists
  • Guides you in handling critical, uncomfortable questions / interviews
  • Gets you to understand the journalists motivation of the interaction and what she is seeking
  • Project positive image of your company, even in challenging situations
Mind Matters Media Training - Program 1
Program 1 - Corporate
  • What is News?
  • Types of media and media-specific content
  • How is news created / gathered
  • Decoding the journalist and her mind
  • What goes on in the newsroom – behind the scenes action
  • Developing media strategy and plans
  • Preparing for announcements
  • Do’s and Don’t s while interacting with media in India
  • Knowing the journalist and her work before the interaction
  • Driving the direction of media interaction and staying incharge of the situation
  • Media Relations as a strategic business tool
Mind Matters Media Training 
Program 2 - Crisis

In addition to our corporate media training program, crisis media training programs are customized and curated for your organization. These programs prepare you to deal with potential crises situations, devise crisis PR protocols, include globally recognized and appreciated Crisis PR case studies, live interactions with senior journalists, one-to-one mock interactions – recorded on camera and then discussed with the journalist and our lead trainer.

The Mind Matters Crisis Media Training prepares you to take charge and be in command, be communicative and sensitive in the eventuality of a crisis in your company.

  • Comprehensive and multidimensional
  • Highly intensive and backed up with one-to-one interactions
  • Case studies
  • Mock interviews with senior journalists
  • Simulated situations and realistic scenarios
  • Video recording of interviews with instant playbacks and first-hand analysis by senior journalists

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