Digital PR

Influencing the Influencers – cultivating online relationships

Online wires, journalists, editors, bloggers and influencers, are an important community who impact your digital presence significantly. It's not just the quantity but the quality that counts and on a medium that is forever transforming this can be a serious poser. Our team of professionals believes in taking ownership and does all the hard work for you. They are constantly mining for and monitoring the most appropriate forums and landing boards for your press releases and messages to ensure that every message achieves its maximum potential.

From the research and analytics team to our content developers to the creative team and finally the digiPR team who contribute and collaborate effectively giving you a seamless experience. They ensure that your digital brand presence meets your corporate and marketing objectives conclusively. Our solutions are customised to meet your specific requirements. We can scale up / down or laterally your digital engagement with precise synchronisation.

Services offered under Digital PR
  • Media intelligence and research
  • Building relationships & networking with journalists, editors
  • Writing optimised press releases as per target platform
  • Sharing content online and generating online press coverage
  • Creating press content, press notes and other newsworthy content
  • Promoting content through press communications
  • Building opportunities for various online press interactions
  • Preparing content for owned channels – print and video
  • Monitoring and tracking press coverage
Our digital PR solutions are designed to build emphatic footprints for your corporate / brand image by:
  • Enhancing corporate / brand reputation and building brand value
  • Increasing your corporate / brand reach, online presence and visibility among target audiences
  • Establishing positive corporate / brand identity & increasing trust
  • Showcasing your brand to a network of relevant journalists, editors, influencers and bloggers
  • Building meaningful relationships with relevant stakeholders
  • Creating an engaging platform with your target audiences
  • Driving brand advocacy
  • Creating quality backlinks to help improve your website traffic
  • Building thought leadership
Our Work Methodology & Pricing
  • Mind Matters’ 3D and E | X | C | E | L approach combined with a process driven work methodology are our winning edge in this competitive industry.
  • Our pricing is affordable and cost effective. We offer customised solutions as per your need and investment.

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