Crisis PR

Crises often come unannounced. They key to facing any crisis / crises is being prepared.

Often, it isn’t only about handling the crisis at hand. It’s equally important to handle what, when, why and how the company is speaking both, internally and externally with various stakeholders during the crisis. Social Media and the Press can either fuel or douse the fire. While social media is inherently partisan, it’s the Press’ reporting on the crisis - perceived as being neutral and objective - that makes the key difference to a company’s image during and after a crisis.

The Mind Matters team comes with extensive experience from a wide spectrum of industries backed by knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by companies in potential crisis situations. Whether it is about preparing you to face any crisis through the Mind Matters Crisis PR training program or taking charge of the communications as your PR consultancy in a crisis, the Mind Matters team ensures minimal impact to your corporate image / reputation. We don’t just stop at that, rather we simultaneously plan and implement a quick, mature communications strategy to assist you in your comeback to retain (if not further enhance) your pre-crisis image / reputation. At Mind Matters we encourage you to be prepared to face any eventuality (and not wait until a crisis has broken out!) Contact us right away to know more.

What are the likely crisis situations?

Some situations / events that would require the need of leveraging crisis PR are:

  • Labour crisis
  • Products and related complaints
  • Service complaints
  • Change Management challenges
  • Crisis centring around the leadership / senior management team
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Accidents & mishaps at shop floor or other places in company
  • Government and compliance matters
  • Advertising and Marketing related crises
  • Social Media
  • Negative reviews and comments…

…and many more!

Mind Matters Crisis PR services include:

  • Crisis PR Protocols and Responsibilities
  • Media Training – Being prepared
  • Crisis evaluation and review – Image Impact
  • Crisis response strategy, messaging and execution
  • PR guidance and consultancy
  • Press engagement and response
  • Press monitoring and updates
  • Post crisis - Image rebuilding strategy, messaging and execution
How Mind Matters Crisis Management PR helps?

Mind Matters encourages all companies to invest in PR proactively. There is convincing evidence of limited impact to a company’s image by more balanced Press coverage during a crisis for companies who’ve invested in PR in the long term. However, even if you are struck with a crisis without having invested in PR proactively, the nature of your communication can help minimize negative impact. That’s where our team of seasoned professionals ensure you:

  • Regain trust with your stakeholders
  • Minimize impact to the reputation of the company
  • Build effective relations with stakeholders
  • Take charge of the communication during a crisis
  • Convey effectively to stakeholders that you are doing all it takes to mitigate the crisis and tide over it at the soonest.
Our Crisis PR work methodology

Leading global MNCs have trusted and benefitted from Mind Matters’ Crisis PR.

Our Crisis PR team is headed by Vinit Mahey, our Founder & CEO and includes senior former journalists, subject matter experts, PR and Digital media professionals, content developers and researchers experienced at handling crisis situations.

We follow a structured approach customized to the crisis at hand. A process driven and professionally executed Crisis PR strategy aligned with each company’s Crisis PR manual ensures that you get on top of things without loosing time.

We offer total confidentiality.


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