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The Mind Matters Target Meter or T3M is among the most comprehensive and integrated Press Communications measurability tools worldwide. T3M enables analysis to a specific press announcement, event or a press relations campaign over a long time frame.

Get - Tangible - In-depth - Qualitative - Quantitative - analysis of your Press Coverage with T3M

T3M gives candid and specific answers to key questions that significantly impact and influence your PR strategy:

  • Did I reach out to the right target audience?
  • Did I communicate what I intended to in the first place?
  • Did I achieve the most effective ‘story mix’?
  • Was the communication well timed?
  • Were there inaccuracies in Press coverage?
  • Did I achieve the objectives of Press Relations?

T3M empowers you to take better informed decisions when developing / modifying Press strategy or monitoring the profile of Press coverage. Now you can minimize inaccuracies in Press coverage and define a tangible value to Press Relations. What’s more T3M can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Now you can maximize the value and returns on PR from the budgeting stage itself.

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