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    Rajita Kumar , Sr. Manager
    Corporate Communications
    Sandvik Asia Limited , Pune



'It has been two years since Mind Matters and Sandvik have been sharing a wonderful working relationship. I sincerely appreciate the quality of services Mind Matters has been delivering to Sandvik in their core competence areas. Mind Matters has come across as a team which is intelligent, dynamic with diligent and experienced professionals. They posses diverse knowledge and expertise of brand communications. I wish them all success in their future endeavors and positively hope to continue our relationship to mutual benefit. '


     Dr. Krishna N Ganesh
     Director, IISER, Pune




Mind matters"..yes it did matter for IISER Pune in redesigning our website for a friendly and nice appearance, with rich content to reach any desired link in two to three clicks. Since the redesign, the number of visits to the site have gone up significantly


     Ashish Mehra,
     Enterprise DB




Working with the team at Mind Matters has been great; they understand the requirements very well and suggest solutions according to that; they don’t go for one solution fit all strategy and that’s what makes them stand out.


     Trupti Shirodkar
     Asst. Manager, HR

‘For two consecutive years we got our Company diaries printed from Mind Matters, It was indeed a very good job done in terms of quality, timeliness, cost effective. It was pleasure working with them.’


     Mr. Vasudevan
     Chairman and Managing Director
     Vascon Engineers Pvt. Ltd.



Mind Matters truly stands out as a consultancy in Brand Communications. Their approach to client relationships comes across as professional. Our experience with the model of outsourcing total brand Communications to Mind Matters has brought in significant value to our efforts in creating our own brand identity.

The pro-active approach by Mind Matters, their knowledge and experience has seen us achieve tangible business gains.



     Mr. B B Somani
     Managing Director
     ABEE Info – Consumables Limited

I must say at the outset that Mind Matters has contributed significantly to the development of the ABEE brand. The requirements for brand communications for an IT company are vastly different than that of any other industry sector. Mind Matters proved their capabilities and confidence through a well – structured strategy from the stage of brand launches to building and sustaining a dynamic brand identity.

The concept of total brand communications created by Mind Matters is client friendly and value driven. We outsourced nearly our entire Marketing Communications and Corporate Communications for one of our new brands to Mind Matters from strategy to implementation and they delivered well. Be it planning or servicing, here is one consultancy that I found truly living up to its commitment.



     Dr. Giri Dua
    Chairman & Managing Director
    TASMAC Group

We at TASMAC share a very close relationship with Mind Matters. I cherish our association deeply and wish them all the best. What differentiates Mind Matters from the rest is their understanding of our sector and the latest developments in the field. There can be nothing more satisfying for a client when their consultancy drives the relationship and I can say with confidence that on many occasions the Mind Matters team has done precisely that. There have been instances when there was a need to adapt quickly in the context of external communications and they did measure up to the challenge suitably.

Mind Matters has grown manifold since its inception. For me personally this is satisfying as TASMAC reposed its faith and confidence in a new consultancy. Being among their first clients I have seen Mind Matters growing steadily. I must conclude by pointing out that they know their job and they do it with a deep sense of commitment.

     Er. R.B. Chaphalkar
     President - AESA


It is nice to have a professional association with Mind Matters. They not only deliver fast and satisfactory results but maintain a human touch as well in all their dealings.



     Jitendra S Mantri
     Growell Information India Pvt. Ltd.


Mind Matters is a truly creative and talented team. The Audio Visual produced by them for Growell Information India Pvt. Ltd. division - Growell IT’Skool, was just the kind of corporate film that we were looking for. They demonstrated quick appreciation of our requirements and most importantly succeeded in presenting them well.

Our past experience had shown us that for a corporate film creativity alone don't suffice. We were delighted with their approach where the team first understood our industry, our operations, the objective of the presentation and how & where we intended to use the film and this showed in the film eventually.

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