Mind Matters
Managment Consultants : Brand Communications
HQ: Pune
All India Presence : Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahemdabad, Hyderabad
Tel: +91 98901 98913 / +91 99701 82168
PR Careers
PR Careers
Mind Matters has grown remarkably since in its inception. We are a fairly young start-up organization pioneering a paradigm shift in brand communications. The difference lies in creative agility - our mind sets, our approach and our commitment to relationships and that’s been the key to our success.
We are now on a steep growth curve and are enthusiastic about our future prospects. Mind Matters believes in high standards of professional competencies and a respect for directional creative talent. If you believe that you have strong business development and client servicing capabilities demonstrate it to us and you could be on board the fastest growing management consultancy in brand communications. An equal opportunities company we seek pro-active and adaptive professionals from a background in mass communications and film production.
Being a consultancy we emphasize on relationship management and marketing. All team members come with a proven and excellent track record in relationship and expectations management and that explains why we have been able to convert assignments to retainers and renewed retainers as well.

To be a part of Mind Matters check out if your profile matches these essential requirements for our current openings.

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