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Maximising Efficiency
Maximising Efficiency

Thinking about outsourcing Corporate and Marketing Communications?

In this age of maximizing efficiency outsourcing is the buzzword. Have you ever thought of totally outsourcing your organization's corporate & marketing communications? Well, most corporates are already doing so, partially though. Consequently this puts pressure on resources in terms of identifying and sustaining relationships with associates, be it the ad or PR agency or the event manager or then the printers.

How about a consultancy that manages and interfaces with all your associates and agencies saving invaluable resources for you?

Mind Matters is a management consultancy that is pioneering this paradigm shift. Well, to begin with we’re consultants (and not an agency) bringing in invaluable experience from a wide cross section of industry segments. We believe that managing brand communications is a dedicated role that needs committed and full time resources leaving brand managers to focus on critical aspects of the brand itself.

While we have a highly reputed and experienced in-house team, we regularly interact with a wide pool of resources in events, exhibitions, printing & publishing to enhance value to your brand investment. Mind Matters clients benefit from the best of creatives and production at the most competitive prices. So now, you can continue to focus on your core brand activities while the Mind Matters team of professionals manages the brand communications. A single point of contact for all your corporate & marketing communication needs that is significantly cost-effective.

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