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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Mind Matters is proud to be associated with Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM), a citizens’ movement established with the objective of achieving total transformation of Pune’s traffic.

SPTM - Save Pune Traffic Movement has a mission to transform the traffic of Pune through the united strength of responsible citizens. Any citizen can become a member of SPTM by committing to follow traffic rules all the time by choice. It is a simple, positive action that any citizen can perform. By doing this, we get a right to demand planned, effective action by authorities. Stronger demand will lead to higher and faster improvement in every area. “Following traffic rules” is a means, while end is the complete transformation of traffic.

On the one hand SPTM connects with the various citizen communities such as members/employees of organizations, housing societies, schools etc, to motivate them to adopt the spirit of SPTM and commit to be responsible on roads all the time. On the other hand, SPTM interacts with authorities for resolving specific traffic issues, improving enforcement etc. SPTM uses the method of understanding the issues faced by authorities, suggest solutions which can work and intensively follow up to get those implemented.

If you would like to know more about SPTM or be a part of this movement you could get in touch with us or with SPTM directly. http://www.savepunetraffic.com

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